3.7: Practice Activities

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Here are some activities that you can further practice what you have learned:

– Write an appropriate response to the following email:

I have tried to call you but can’t reach you.

The hotel is booked out.

I never got your email.

– Write emails with the following requests:

Before I book a room in the hotel I would like to know…

I would like to book a flight to…

I would like to order…

– Confirm the details of a telephone call that you had recently.

– Imagine you have met someone and would like to see them again. Arrange a meeting with them.

– Complain about a product or service

– Cancel a meeting

– Think of a recent situation where you had to provide information, ask for help or clarify an issue with someone. How would you prepare your email using what you learned, and how would you structure it?


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