6.10: Communication Style Strengths

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Communication Style Trouble Spots


Each style has definite strengths that are evident in communication. Knowledge of these strengths allows people to draw on them and to find situations in which the strengths are a benefit.

• gets to the bottom line
• speaks forcefully
• maintains eye contact
• presents position strongly
• quick to act
• takes risks / seeks change
• persuasive & competitive

• presents precisely
• focuses on facts
• is efficient in speech
• has a well-organized workspace
• economical & practical
• detail-oriented & analytical

• is persuasive
• is a good storyteller
• focuses on the big picture
• uses motivational speech
• socially skillful
• experimenting & flexible
• inspiring & enthusiastic

• listens well
• is a good counselor
• uses supportive language
• builds trust
• thoughtful & amiable
• cooperative & loyal


People with a dominant style tend to take charge of their lives. They prefer to be in control and are quite capable of working independently. They are decisive in their actions and are high achievers. Dominant people thrive on competition. They enjoy the challenge of a fight and enjoy the win even more. They maintain a fast pace as they work single-mindedly on their goals. Dominant people are good in positions of authority in which independence is required. They possess strong leadership skills and have an ability to get things done. They are not afraid to take risks to get what they want.


People with an influencing style are enthusiastic and friendly. They prefer to be around other people and thrive in the spotlight. Because of their positive focus and their lively nature, they are able to generate motivation and excitement in others. Influencing people work at a fast pace because they prefer stimulation. They are well suited to high-profile positions in which public presentations are important. The spontaneity of influencing people promotes quick and decisive action. They are good at building alliances and using relationships to accomplish work.


People with a steady style value warm, personal relationships. They often have good counseling skills and others come to them for support because they are good listeners. Steady people are cooperative and enjoy being part of a team. They are reliable and considerate. Therefore, they are always aware of other’s feelings. Steady people work best in an environment in which teamwork is essential. Their ability to help others makes them suitable for any of the helping professions in which they can care for others.


People with a conscientious style place a heavy emphasis on accuracy and objectivity. They make their decisions based on facts and attempt to leave emotions out of them. Their reliance on data makes them excellent problem solvers. They tend to be persistent in their analyses, maintaining a critical focus throughout their work. Conscientious people can work independently and follow-through on tasks. They are well-suited for independent, technical jobs.


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Communication Style Trouble Spots